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Airsoft Shooter From Japan Fires MSR for the First Time, and His Skills Clearly Translate

YouTube/T-Rex Arms

Japanese National and airsofter Liku has been practicing U.S. shooting drills that he found online. Will it translate to live firearms?

As you probably knew, or have by now guessed, ownership of firearms is illegal in Japan. To have any fun with guns or to learn shooting skills in their nation, Japanese citizens often resort to shooting airsoft guns.

One such Japanese citizen, simply named Liku, has a passion for target practice It has now come full circle, as he visits the United States and gets to use live firearms for the first time.

About three years ago, Liku began watching YouTube and Instagram videos online to get himself prepared to fire the real thing. Now, he even has his own Instagram page @liku_tactical. Since he is self-taught using only airsoft guns, can this same skill be used to shoot live firearms right here in the U.S.A.?

The good folks at TRex Arms helped arrange his trip so that we could all find out together. Can an airsofter who's never fired a real gun, get a real firearm in his hands and slay drills having only done airsoft up to this point?

Watch what practice and attention to detail do for someone who just wants to shoot like the rest of us! Here's a shortened video showing just what Liku has accomplished:

Take some time to watch Liku get his first real lesson, and marvel at his first time with a live Glock in his hands. It's never a bad time for all of us to reacquaint ourselves with the basics of shooting fundamentals, and this is why.

Liku was trained here on a Glock 19 and a BCM AR-15, but the bottom line is that he has only used airsoft up to this point. The critical thinking and skill set involved with dry-fire drills and active firing of the "silly kid's toy" goes a long way towards muscle memory and line-of-sight thinking.

Obviously, airsoft cannot replace the same experience as live ammunition, especially where weight and recoil are involved.

What it all boils down to is this: does practicing airsoft skills really pay off when you have a live firearm in your hands?

Absolutely, and as lifelong shooters we can all learn one great lesson: it's never too late to review the shooting skills our hands and our eyes need.

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Airsoft Shooter From Japan Fires MSR for the First Time, and His Skills Clearly Translate