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12 Best Airsoft Guns of 2020: Gas, Spring, and Electric Rifles & Pistols

Even Ralphie's Mom would approve of the best airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns can be fun for all ages. Whether you're using them target practice, paintball, or just outdoor fun. Before you buy an airsoft gun, you have to know which kind you want.

There's gas, spring, and electric guns. They are also categorized by pistols and rifles.

Here's 10 of the best airsoft pistols and rifles of 2019 available on Amazon:

Best Airsoft Guns

1. Blackwater KG-9 Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle

Blackwater Airsoft Rifle Gun'

Spring into some tactical skills with this rifle. The rapid rate of fire delivers 350 feet per second projectiles with a high capacity magazine. One customer said that the gun was underpriced for its high quality. There's nothing wrong with an inexpensive airsoft gun if it does the job.

2. Marines Airsoft Spring Rifle

Marines Airsoft Rifle

This spring gun has accessory rails for lasers, flashlights, and cameras. It only weighs two pounds, which is helpful for younger kids who need target practice. Customer reviews say it's extremely accurate, so it's time for you to put your aim to the test and try for yourself.

3. Spring Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft Pistol

This would be a great entry-level airsoft pistol, or for someone who wants a gun that's just simple and fun.

Customers say the slide isn't hard to pull back. There's a built-in hop-up system, and a 400-count of airsoft BBs included. Two other nice features include the brass inner barrel and fixed front and rear iron sights.

4. Evike Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft Rifle

This rifle has been compared to the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 bolt action sniper rifle. It has 5 stars! If you're a 5-star kind of shopper on Amazon, go with this airsoft sniper rifle.

5. Game Face Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle

Game Face Air Soft Rifle

This spring-powered rifle shoots up to 350 fps and has a high capacity 400-round magazine. There are also removable sights.

6. Black Ops Airsoft Pistol

black ops pistol

This is great for gas gun lovers. You'll get maximum accuracy even when shooting at long ranges. This semi-automatic (semi-auto) CO2 powered gun shoots 400 fps. There's even a bipod-ready mount. This high-quality airsoft works great as a sidearm.

It'd be perfect for airsoft players who play airsoft games.

7. Umarex Airsoft Handgun

Umarex Airsoft Pistol

A huge perk on this one is the smooth metal slide. The magazine capacity is 15 rounds, and it shoots up to 380 fps. There's a side hole for an easy reload. The recoil is unbelievable, and a customer even compared the kick to a real blowback. Watch the video for yourself!

8. BBTac Full Auto Rifle

Full Auto BBTac Rifle

The sling is a huge selling factor for me. This AEG comes with a magazine, battery, and charger. Reviews say it doesn't shoot as far as they would like, but that makes it good fun for some backyard plinking.

9. Umarex Heckler & Koch Electric Airsoft Rifle

Heckler and Koch Rifle

This automatic electric airsoft gun has a picatinny rail and top rail for attaching scopes and red dot lights. The shot velocity is 340 fps. What more could you ask for?

10. Double Eagle Metal Shotgun

Double Eagle Shotgun

This spring airsoft shotgun has a full metal body and 400 fps. Accessories included are a speedloader and sling.

Customers are calling this AEG airsoft rifle a fun gun. Specs include a metal gearbox and an adjustable hop-up.

This airsoft gun is a bit pricy, but must-have specs include flip-up front and rear sights, and a high torque motor.

Be sure to load up on plenty of ammo, because nothing ruins the fun like running out before you're ready to call it a day.


MetalTac Airsoft BBs

Airsoft Pellet

Be sure to check out Airgun Depot for more AEG rifles, pistols, holsters, and more.

This post was originally published on July 18, 2019.


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12 Best Airsoft Guns of 2020: Gas, Spring, and Electric Rifles & Pistols