Learn How to Coat Your Weapons with Kryptek Camo

Kryptek camo patterns are some of the coolest looking patterns on the market. Here's how to customize your weapons with one of these wicked patterns.

Kryptek camo was established by folks who took their battlefield experience to the backcountry.

It's one thing to hide from an animal you are trying to kill. It's something totally different to hide from another person who's trying to kill you. Rest assured, these camo patterns work.

Here's how to (somewhat) easily coat any of your weapons with the Kryptek camo pattern of your choice.

Adding this camo pattern to your weapons not only makes them look cool, it could also be the difference between a game spooking glare and success in the field.

Sure, it's going to take you a few days to complete. But how much time is the bull or buck of a lifetime worth to you?

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