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Hunting Big Woods Bucks: Are You up for the Challenge?

Hunting big woods bucks is a different game than chasing whitetails in other areas.

First of all, there are far less deer per acre. Second, the big woods bucks that do inhabit the area have miles upon miles of escape cover. The hunter looking to tag one of these elusive beasts of the north woods had better be ready for a challenge.

In this video, master tracker and killer of big woods bucks, Hal Blood explains why this type of whitetail hunting is like no other and why he feels it is so special.

Hal pretty much sums up the experience of chasing big woods bucks when he says, "You either love it or you hate it. That's big woods hunting." It all comes down to whether or not you have the temperament and stamina to be successful at this type of hunting.

Like the Benoits of Vermont, Hal kills most of his big woods bucks by tracking them. That's why he says that waiting on snow is "like waiting on Christmastime when you're a kid."

You won't see as many deer while hunting the vast big woods of the northeast, but if you are lucky and persistent enough to see a buck, he could be the trophy of a lifetime. The question is, "Are you up to the challenge?"


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Hunting Big Woods Bucks: Are You up for the Challenge?