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Instructor Zero Helps Combat Rhino Poaching

Rhino poaching is big business in Africa that funds terrorists and threatens endangered species.

Instructor Zero helps local game rangers prevent rhino poaching by introducing new techniques and explaining how they are used. To complicate matters, the locals are working with somewhat outdated equipment and are often outgunned by the folks doing the rhino poaching.

Watch the video to see how an expert makes lemons out of lemonade in a training situation.

It’s clear that this is not Instructor Zero’s first day on the job. Not only does he immediately improve the rangers’ equipment by adding slings, he teaches them techniques that will help them stay alive while performing their dangerous duty.

While one man can have only a limited effect on poaching, it’s good to see that Instructor Zero is using his impressive talents to help the rangers and their cause.

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Instructor Zero Helps Combat Rhino Poaching