Iowa Muzzleloader Buck
YouTube: Midwest Whitetail

Early January Hunt Produces Giant Iowa Muzzleloader Buck for Determined Hunter

The season's not over until it's over!

Late in deer season, it can be easy to get frustrated and want to throw in the towel once it gets to late December and early January. However, a good hunter never completely gives up the chase and sees things through until the end. Because you never know when your luck is suddenly going to change for the better. If there's still days left in the season, you need to take advantage of them!

In case you need proof of that, look no further than this double hunt video from Midwest Whitetail where Mike Reed and intern Cody Huhn both head afield for some early January muzzleloader hunting.

Temperatures are cold, for Mike the snow is flying. The deer are focused entirely on food sources which makes patterning their behavior easy. However, waiting for that target big buck to walk into range is another story. Still, these guys make it happen with two excellent hunts. Mike's buck is the type of legendary Iowa giant that most hunters only dream of seeing.

Cody's big buck went down on December 28 and Mike's big deer was felled on January 1. You can't get much later in the season than that for most states. These two big bucks gave all other hunters the slip all year only to make a mistake after the rut was over and they were searching for food. This shows how a hunting spot with a good food source can pay big dividends in the tail end of deer season.

It would have been extremely easy to say: "There's always next year" and move on with off-season preparations when these guys took these bucks. They stuck with it and Mike ended up with what would be the buck of a lifetime for most hunters. It appeared Cody may have had much of that public land to himself being there so late in the year too. The bucks that have been dodging arrows and bullets all year may have finally let their guard down.

Keep this video in mind the next time you find yourself struggling to stay motivated late in deer season and your freezer is still empty. One never knows when the deer hunting Gods will choose to smile on you and send the buck of a lifetime walking past your stand!

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