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Father Unselfishly Gives Up Chance at Season Target Iowa Buck to His Daughter

Iowa Buck
YouTube: The Lindsey Way

The hunt for this monster Iowa buck becomes a family affair.

Hunting is a family affair and for us the only thing that beats taking a big buck ourselves is watching a loved one bag a monster. Especially if it is a deer that you have an extensive history with via trail cameras and off-season encounters.

David Lindsey has been hunting just such a buck all season long in Iowa. The big buck is obviously old, and has a distinctive, hooked drop tine off his right side. He's also incredibly smart. The old boy has given the family the slip more than once this season. However, he's started to slip up a bit. He's been making predictable appearances in a cornfield.

When David's daughter Jaclyn comes into town for a visit, David unselfishly gives up the spot and sets her up to harvest the buck without her knowing. What results is an incredibly memorable hunt and an exciting harvest to remember.

From her reaction, it's clear Jaclyn really did have no clue that this was the target buck her father had been after for much of the season. David knew this buck could possibly walk into range and decided to give up his spot anyway. We love it. Talk about an unselfish act for his daughter!

We can't blame Jaclyn for being nervous about this buck. Grandpaw took his sweet time sauntering into range of her stand. However, when the time came, she stayed calm and made an excellent shot on this buck. This deer has a ton of character and it made for a hunt to remember.

The Lindseys made this whole hunt a true family affair by Jaclyn then bringing her own kids out to blood trail the buck. What a great memory for the entire family! This is truly what hunting is all about.

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Father Unselfishly Gives Up Chance at Season Target Iowa Buck to His Daughter