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Larry Potterfield Salutes the Classic .50-70 Cartridge

.50/70 cartridge

The old .50-70 cartridge paved the path for modern ammunition.

This now-obsolete cartridge is certainly one of the greats that have disappeared throughout the years.

Watch as Larry Potterfield of Midway USA adds the .50-70 cartridge to his Hall of Fame.

The .50-70 cartridge was the first centerfire cartridge adopted by the U.S. Army. It paved the way for the .45-70 cartridge which is still a popular big-game cartridge to this day.

The .50-70 cartridge may now be obsolete, but it certainly isn't dead. A handful of handloaders keep their old .50-70-caliber rifles fed with carefully crafted ammunition and continue to give this old cartridge a workout.

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Larry Potterfield Salutes the Classic .50-70 Cartridge