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Largemouth Bass Annihilates Buzzbait in Super-Cool Slo-Mo Action

If this footage doesn't get you pumped for tossing topwaters, you mustn't be an angler.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and speak for all folk who fish, and that's to say that nothing can compare to the heart-attack-inducing strikes that come when tossing topwaters. Visually, it doesn't get any better than that. End of discussion.

But if you need proof, you need not look any further. This wicked clip will get you itching to get out on the water. At the least, it will make your heart rate quicken. (Pay careful attention to the end of the video. Do you see what we see?)

Here's 29 seconds of pure awesomeness:

Ready to tie on a buzzbait? We sure are! So did you see the second bass at the end of the clip? Also looked like a bluegill scooted in there as well.

If you've never tossed topwaters for bass, it's something you NEED to try. You'll be hooked with your first fish. Guaranteed.

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Largemouth Bass Annihilates Buzzbait in Super-Cool Slo-Mo Action