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Girl Sets Hook, Then Instantly Gets ‘Attacked’ by a High-Flying Bass

bass attack
Sydney Sewell/YouTube

We think this crazy video deserves a place in the ‘what the heck just happened’ file!

Sometimes, the unexpected happens on the water. That couldn’t be more true for Sydney Sewell, who recently had a surprise visitor of the finned kind ‘attack’ her while she was fishing. Lucky for us, the camera was rolling – because really, who would believe this tall fishing tale without video proof?

Sewell was fishing out of her kayak April 29 when she set the hook. Almost immediately, and without warning, a good-sized largemouth bass jumped clear out of the water and smacked straight into the side of her. Yep, you read that right. Crazy, we know!

Here’s the cool footage:

What do you think happened? Was it the hooked fish paying a visit or did Sewell spook a secondary bass during that hook set? Hmmm.

If you’re interested in watching a longer clip of her day on the water, here’s a video that Sewell posted to her YouTube channel. Spoiler Alert: she catches an 8.5 lb behemoth in this one!

Glad you had the camera rolling, Sydney. That was definitely a treat to watch.

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Girl Sets Hook, Then Instantly Gets ‘Attacked’ by a High-Flying Bass