Lake Michigan Spearfishing
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Lake Michigan Spear Fisherman Swims with Giant Walleye and Smallmouth Bass on Shipwreck

Spearfishing in the crystal-clear water of Lake Michigan reveals some big fish!

Normally, spearfishing is primarily thought to be a saltwater pursuit. However, spearfishing in freshwater is perfectly legal in many states. It provides a rare opportunity to get beneath the surface and observe fish in their natural habitat in a way that traditional anglers rarely get to see.

Today's video comes from the clear waters of Lake Michigan just off the north break wall in Muskegon, Michigan. This spearfisherman has the waters to himself as dives beneath the surface only to find a shipwreck hiding below.

It turns out the wreck is holding some big smallmouth bass and walleye. He gets up close and personal with them while also checking out some of the wreckage on the lake bottom.

As a life-long Michigan resident, I found this footage fascinating. The Great Lakes are home to many shipwrecks. The one in this video is identified as being the Henry Cort, a whaleback steamer built in 1892. She went down in November 1934 after hitting the breakwater you saw in the video when the fisherman was giving some of his catch away. At least one member of the U.S. Coast Guard lost his life while attempting to help the ship's crew escape.

The Great Lakes may not look dangerous to some. However, these waters have swallowed more ships than any other freshwater body on earth. They should never be taken lightly. Even when spearfishing, there are dangerous rip currents that can easily carry someone miles from the shoreline.

As we have come to expect from many shipwrecks, it was holding some fish. Those were some dandy smallmouths and walleyes. Of course, in Michigan, you are only allowed to shoot rough fish species. Things like the carp, drum, and suckers he took in this video. Still, it looked like a lot of fun and almost makes us want to buy a wetsuit and some fins to give it a try ourselves.

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