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Angler Discovers Shipwreck While Fishing Crystal-Clear Ice of Lake Superior

Ice Fishing Shipwreck
YouTube: Wisconsin Fisherman

Crystal-clear ice produces several splake around a shipwreck.

The Great Lakes are awesome fisheries for a variety of species and anglers flock to them all year-round in pursuit of their favorite species. Even in the winter when portions freeze long enough to allow anglers to walk around on the surface of some otherwise very dangerous waters.

Because lurking beneath the depths of these lakes are countless shipwrecks, many of which have never been found after disappearing beneath the waves. While many wrecks are in deep water, others have gone down in the shallows and are easily visible from the surface.

That's the case with the barge in this video. The Wisconsin Fisherman ventures out onto some incredibly clear ice in search of some trout. He manages to catch some splake and documents a perfectly preserved barge sitting just a few feet under the surface.

While the Great Lakes are incredibly beautiful, they are also extremely treacherous for sailors. Lake Superior is the deadliest of them all, claiming countless lives ever since ships began sailing these waters. November is an especially notorious time for the lake when huge storms roll in. One of those storms swallowed up the 729-foot long freighter Edmund Fitzgerald back in 1975 with the loss of all 29 souls on board.

Seeing a wreck like this barge is a good reminder of just how dangerous these lakes are. It's probably rare that ice conditions are perfect enough to be able to walk over the top of a wreck like this. The only good news about these shipwrecks is that they become structure for the fish and an obvious target for anglers if you know where one is located.

As you saw, he was able to pull several splake out of the immediate vicinity, including one large enough for dinner. We just loved the mix of fishing action and history encapsulated here. Thanks for sharing your awesome footage with the world Kyle!

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Angler Discovers Shipwreck While Fishing Crystal-Clear Ice of Lake Superior