Ladies Who Love To Fish
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7 Surprising A-List Ladies Who Love To Fish

Fishing isn't just for the guys - these famous ladies aren't bad with a rod and reel in hand.

Although women account for just 30 percent of the 6.5 million Americans who fly fish, they're the fastest growing demographic in the sport.

A recent survey revealed among non-fishing Americans, the ones most interested in trying it are women.

Here are seven female stars who aren't afraid to wade in with the boys when it comes to angling.

Emma Watson

Ladies Who Love To Fish

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With a lifelong passion for fly fishing, the iconic Harry Potter actress has swapped her wand for a fishing rod over the years. She picked up the sport while going out with her dad growing up in the U.K. and for her 18th birthday, designer Karl Lagerfeld gave her a specially-designed fishing rod. She ties her own flies without any need for magic, can gut a fish in five seconds, and as a devoted conservationist, she donates her flies for auction to help the Wild Trout Trust.

Paris Hilton

Who would have thought the socialite known for posing on the red carpet loves to fish? She calls herself a tomboy who acts completely different outside the public eye, playing ice hockey as a kid and fishing for years. In fact, in her free time, you'd more likely see her in sweats casting from the beach in Malibu with her sister Nicky. She doesn't eat her catch but tosses it back: "I love fishing. I like to catch the little critters, but I don't eat them," she told "I just put them right back, because I feel really bad for them."


Ladies Who Love To Fish


While deep-sea fishing is hardly a glamorous event, Rihanna turned it into one in 2015 when she famously posted Instagram photos of herself in goth-black lipstick and bling on a fishing trip in Hawaii. She posed for the camera "kissing" a huge catch she named Mr. Mahi - and then ate him, like the boss she is.

Lindsey Vonn

Ladies Who Love To Fish

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Sure, you know her as a world champion skier and the first American woman to win Olympic gold in downhill in 2010. But did you know she is competitive in fly fishing as well? She picked the sport up while recovering from surgery in 2013 and has even competed professionally. In a video profile by GoPro, she joked, "Oh, I'm competitive with fly fishing. I went fly fishing with friends and I was the only one who caught fish. I'm the fish whisperer. I just say, 'Here fishy, fishy,' and they come to me."

Martha Stewart

Ladies Who Love To Fish

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It should come as no surprise the homemaking guru can cook a fish six ways from Sunday, but she also catches them, too. She's known for angling for bass off a boat and joining friends like Ted Turner for a day of fly fishing, which she picked up as a student in middle school. In an issue of Living magazine, she talked about waking up at 3:00 a.m. on the opening day of trout season to head to the mountains near her New Jersey home, and the joy of making flies with her brother to cast on the Musconetcong River. "I love standing in moving water in a beautiful place with nothing to bother you but the fish," she told the magazine. "Fly fishing is such an elegant sport."

Julianne Hough

Ladies Who Love To Fish

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The Dancing with the Stars champ and Utah native loves to wrestle with a large catch and spends time fly fishing in places like Banff National Park in Canada. She always eats what she pulls from the water, once posting after a successful trip, "Sometimes you just gotta go out and catch your own dinner. Best sashimi of my life."

Avril Lavigne

The "Sk8ter Boi" and "Head Above Water" pop-punk princess grew up in a small Ontario, Canada town called Napanee, where she would regularly go hunting and fishing with her brother and dad. Just this past January the paparazzi caught her casting lines with friends on the beach in Malibu.

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