great tasting deep sea fish

5 Great-Tasting Saltwater Fish You Should Try Cooking This Summer

These five delicious saltwater fish are flavorful for any occasion. 

It's summertime in the United States and fishing is in full swing. Whether you're lounging by the lake or sticking your toes in the sand at the beach, these five great-tasting, deep-sea fish make for some darn-good eating. You can blacken, grill or sauté each one of these fish.

American red snapper

American red snapper is one of the most savory fish meals on the planet. Unfortunately, American red snapper season is closed most of the summer in the Carolinas, with the exception of a select few weekends. There are more dates available off the coast of Florida and the Florida Keys.


If you walk into any seafood restaurant, you'll probably see mahi or dolphinfish on the menu. Not to be confused with the playful porpoises you see from the seashore, mahi-mahi is a delicacy.

Scamp grouper

Any type of grouper, especially scamp, is a tasty meal. Blackened grouper or fried grouper bites are top notch for any occasion.

Grey triggerfish

Even though the grey triggerfish has exceptionally tough skin, it's delicious table fare. Anglers will land these every now and then off the Florida Coast.

Black sea bass

Neither grey triggerfish nor black sea bass are very common in restaurants, but in the right conditions, anglers will reel in a lot of these while deep-sea fishing.

It's hard to go wrong with any of these species. If you aren't a big fan of eating fish, these are the fish I'd recommend trying.

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