Best Fishing States West of the Rockies
Getty Images: matthayes01

Our 5 Favorite Fishing States, West of the Rockies

Sure, there's plenty of other states in the west to fish, but in our opinion these offer the best for variety and adventure.

Sure, there are a lot of states in the West you could argue should be in top for fishing. But you can't waste your vacation days on a fine fishing hole.

Bar none, these five states offer the best of the best when it comes to both variety and adventure. Consider one of these western gems when you're planning your next fishing destination; whether you are seeking out saltwater or freshwater, using a nymph or a dry fly, fishing in these states is about as good as it gets.

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We know its a bold claim, and that any discussion about the best of the best will create an argument. But we truly think these states represent the gems of fishing in the West. Whether you are talking about trout pulled from cold lakes, flounder taken off the coast, or snagging salmon as long as your leg, these states have it all.

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