A Yellow Lab Saved His Sister From a Coyote Attack and It Was Caught on Camera

Sadie the Boston terrier was innocently roaming her backyard in Huntington Beach, California when she was violently attacked by a hungry coyote. 

The heart-wrenching footage, which was caught on the home security camera, shows Sadie shrieking in pain as the coyote aggressively shakes her by the neck. "My heart was breaking when I heard her scream," recalls Sadie's owner, Freddy Patriarca, who was nearby in the kitchen during the attack. "And just knowing that a wild animal like a coyote could just jump the wall so easily, and almost take our loved one away." Understandably, the Patriarcas can't bear to watch the video and relive the terrifying encounter—but it could have ended a lot worse. 

Some heroes wear collars, because Sadie's big brother Cody came to the rescue. That's right: the brave yellow lab saved the day when he bolted out of the house and chased after the predator, scaring it away and forcing it to drop Sadie. What a protective brother! The Patriarca's third dog joined Cody to make sure the coyote was gone for good, and even Sadie found the strength to help. What a great team!


Thankfully, Sadie received antibiotics for her bites and has since returned to her normal self. While common coyote repellents like air horns, fences, and predator deterrent lights can help prevent attacks, the Patriarcas want the city to step in. With a concerning rise in coyote sightings, Melissa Patriarca fears for both her fur and human babies. "Coyotes are walking down the streets in the daytime now," she said. "I mean, I've seen them by kids' schools. It's unsafe." ABC7 says that the Patriarcas have yet to hear back from local officials after reporting the incident to the city. 

Luckily, Sadie had her pack to rely on when she needed it most. We all need a Cody in our lives!

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