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Komodo Dragon Hunts and Kills Deer in Brutal Footage


This video shows just how brutal and unforgiving nature can be, as a Komodo dragon chases down and kills a deer by eating it alive.

The Komodo dragon is a large predatory lizard that inhabits several Indonesian islands. It’s the world’s largest monitor lizard, growing to a length of 10 feet and weighing upwards of 150 pounds.

On the islands they inhabit, they’re the only carnivorous animal, and they efficiently hunt of just about every invertebrate, bird or mammal they share terrain with.

Watch this eerie video of a dragon relentlessly chasing down a deer before killing it. In the latter half of the video, a dragon eats another deer while the first is still kicking.

This is truly brutal stuff, and highlights just how unforgiving nature can be. While this predator is able to eat and survive, you can’t help but feel sympathy for the bleating deer. If only death would come more quickly!

It’s believed that the saliva of the Komodo dragon is toxic or poisonous. Its bite infects its prey with bacteria, which then infects the body and leads to death. Animals bitten by the lizard then become easy prey.

Want more? Watch this video of a riveting scene where a Komodo dragon attacks and slowly kills a large water buffalo.

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Komodo Dragon Hunts and Kills Deer in Brutal Footage