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Frilled Lizard Fearlessly Attacks Cameraman

This little frilled lizard is the monster you used to see in all of those old B&W dinosaur movies. He may be small but he sure packs some attitude.

Donald Schultz of the Discovery Channel's "Venom Hunter" (now ""Venom Hunters") races into the Australian bush after a small, though fearsome looking, lizard. It's a frilled lizard, the kind of miniature "dinosaur" that you used to see in those old black and white films of giant reptiles. Extreme close-up around the tiny buildings please!

The frilled lizard was often chosen because of its dramatic and theatrical appearance. Such as it displays when it escapes Shultz's grasp and quickly runs up the leg of the cameraman, stops and displays its fearsome fully frilled appearance.

The frilled lizard has a large ruff of skin that lies folded and tight against its head and neck. The frill is supported by long spines of cartilage that are connected to the jaw bones. When the lizard is frightened, feeling adversarial or during courtship rituals, it raises its body, and opens its mouth and its frill. It is a very impressive display.

When it runs it often runs in an upright position, on its hind legs, as it does here when it escapes back into the bush. Schultz and the cameraman all have a good laugh at the behavior of the lizard (the cameraman after he finds out that the lizard is not poisonous).

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Frilled Lizard Fearlessly Attacks Cameraman