feeder calls

Do You Know the Two Types of Feeder Calls?

Knowing these feeder calls will make you an even better duck hunter this year.

In this video an expert takes you though the two major types of feeder calls for duck hunting. Learn how these feeder calls can be used to get the ducks to commit.

These feeder calls are best utilized when the ducks are in close and you've used the greeting call and single quacks to get their attention.One type of feeder call is the machine gun call, which consists of many rapid tick like sounds. The other major type is the call that sounds more like a single duck which has less tick sounds.

Did you hear his advice about starting to use this call? When first practicing this one it's best to start off slow so you can master the cadence better.

The feeder calls should be backed by a lot of pressure and come right out to the tip of your tongue. Since the feeder call is one of the more difficult calls to master, beginners need to devote extra time to practicing it.