comeback call

Mastering the Comback Call on a Duck Call

The comeback call is an awesome duck call you need to know for the season.

In this video, you'll get a great tutorial on using the comeback call when you're in the field next. Pay close attention in this video and you'll soon become a master of this useful call.

Like the name suggests, this call is designed to lure the ducks back to your blinds when they've started to loose interest in the decoys. When making the comeback call you want to get it out quick and be loud.

The key to doing the comeback call right is making several loud fast bursts followed by a couple quieter and longer bursts. He talked about using your diaphragm to hit the initial loud bursts then letting it slope off towards the end of the call.

If you do it right the ducks will fly back and you'll have a great day duck hunting. Remember what he said, and practice every chance you get if you want to master the this call.