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Pheasant Hunting Trick: Bring Pantyhose [VIDEO]

Brought to you by Total Outdoor Programming, this video features a demonstration of a pheasant hunting trick using pantyhose. 

The useful pheasant hunting trick shown in this video utilizes an ordinary pair of pantyhose.

Watch and learn how this trick keeps your pheasants in near mint condition for future mounting.

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This is an excellent pheasant hunting trick, and so simple. All you need is a pair of knee-high pantyhose, which cost about 33 cents a pair, and you've got enough for two birds.

Remember to start at the head and lower the birds slowly into the pantyhose. It's easier with the help of a friend.

Fore more pheasant hunting tricks, visit Total Outdoor Programming.

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Pheasant Hunting Trick: Bring Pantyhose [VIDEO]