Did You Know That Gypsy Vanner Horses Have Mustaches?

Watch out for these sinister Disney villains.

Gyspy Vanners or Cobs are known as the draft horse starlets in the equine world due to their beautiful piebald coats, flowing hoof feathering, and long luxurious manes and tails.

But did you know that they can grow hair on their muzzles that tend to curl up like mustaches?

These dazzling Gypsy Vanners are gorgeous horses with a fairy tale look, but if you zoom onto their noses there is some extra facial hair growing there. Check out these mustachioed horses.

Cartoon Villain, For Sure

Gypsy Vanner Horse mare sporting extreme mustach

Getting up extra early to style it.

First time in my life i have seen a horse with a mustache.
by u/UniqueUsername_orNot in funny

"Yes, tell me I'm dashing." 

Gypsy Vanner Horse mare sporting extreme mustache

Ready for Braids

Out of Control

Dapper Redford

This horse naturally grows facial hair and its owner styles it into fancy mustaches.
by u/roux93 in pics

Call me Sassy Pete. 

Aran Island Horse with Mustache

The Dark Horse

At the weekend I came across a horse with a moustache. I named him MOUSTACHIO!
by u/blackbubblequeen in pics

He can't grow a big one yet...

Flavor Saver

There's some horse-scaping involved.


Tough call between rockstar and villain ?

Just a little Curly Q.

This horse has a full grown mustache
by u/SteamySteakSalad in mildlyinteresting

Goes perfect with the mullet. 


He needs a trim...


The Manicured Mustache


Artsy Fartsy

This horse has stylish facial hair
by in mildlyinteresting

"Excuse me, I mustache you a question."


Gypsy Vanner horses or Gypsy Cobs have longer hair than most horses, especially known for their silky straight feathers around their hooves. More hair means they often have double manes that are beautiful when braided and longer belly hair that horse owners often clip.

The Gypsy horse is a gorgeous horse breed with long hair and gentle personalities. Learn more about the breed standard and to find Gypsy horses near you by visiting the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.

Have you seen a Gypsy Vanner mustache? Show us in the comments below!

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