Knife Use and Safety Review for Some Bushcraft Basics

Black Scout Survival goes over a knife use and a safety review that will teach you a few pointers and reinforce some old lessons.

This is a great knife use and safety review that may show even the veteran outdoorsman a few new tricks.

There are some old lessons here, like keeping your knife sharp, that are probably not new to most of us. Points like bracing the knife and pushing wood over it to make deep cuts is a new one for me and makes a lot of sense from a safety angle; something I will apply in the future.

The other best takeaway is sheathing your knife while working; we are all likely guilty of putting a knife on the ground when field dressing, and in low light conditions it is too easy to lose track of that blade. This could change a successful hunting or wilderness adventure into a medical emergency if you step on that knife or seriously cut your hand. Always sheath your knife while working when not in use.

Finally, always have a emergency med kit on hand, this reinforces the need to always have a small pack with you with the essentials for survival, something you may never need but I doubt any outdoors person has not seen at least one accidental cut over the years of being in the bush.

Enjoy the outdoors and always keep safety at the top of your list; assess each and every situation and avoid undue risks to keep the adventure fun and get home safely.