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How to Make an Upside-Down Fire for Short Winter Breaks or for Survival

This is how to make an upside-down fire in about 10 minutes to have a quick and efficient heat source.

This experienced woodsman shows how to make an upside-down fire right on some snow pack by reversing what we have always been taught.

Have you ever tried this before?

Watch the video below:

If you're snowshoeing or some cross-country skiing, it's nice to be able to take a break and produce a quick fire to enjoy coffee or a trail lunch.

This fire recipe is unique in that you can lay it out right on some packed down snow and get it going very quickly. Just ensure you have some good dry wood to start.

Dead boughs on the lower part of a pine tree can provide some excellent dry fuel above the snow line.

When you venture into the woods this winter ensure you have at least a small pack with the essentials and the ability to start a good fire for those quick breaks or in a survival situation.