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4 Snowshoeing Tips to Maximize Your Experience [PICS]

When the winter snows get deep, better get out those snowshoes!

All it takes is some fresh snow to set a typically city street, suburban neighborhood or rural area into a snowshoeing paradise. Plenty of areas around the country have more than that, so now would be a great time to get outside and appreciate the winter.

These snowshoe tips will have you gliding high over the frozen landscape with style.


Get a pair of trekking poles and use them. They greatly aid in balance and take away a lot of wear and tear from your knee joints. If you hunt from snowshoes and do not want to use poles, get a small collapsible pair and put them in your pack. On the back out from hunting, sling your gun and you will be thankful for the poles after a long hunt.

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Dress for It

It is winter, after all. Dress in layers and avoid sweating at all cost, it will rob you of your insulating abilities and you will get cold, and stay cold. Bring a bag for your extra clothes you will shed when you really get going. Bring some high energy snacks and plenty of water too.

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Choose wisely

Pick the right snowshoes for you, and do your research before you buy a pair. The old wooden and rawhide snowshoes are great for the purists, but generally lack the ability to have traction on ice due to a lack of integrated metal crampons. The modern ones generally are your best pick: they hold up well and you can claw your way across glaciers. Most snowshoes are rated for the wearer’s height and weight, so pick accordingly.

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Mix them into Hunting

Hunting on snowshoes is an excellent way to get into areas where non-snowshoe hunters would never get to when the snow deepens. Larger game also has a harder time coping with deep snow, so use this to your advantage as you coast on top of the surface of the frozen lands. Game tracks in snow are always a welcomed tool on the hunter’s side.

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Snowshoeing is a great sport that can be enjoyed by a vast array of outdoors enthusiasts. You can run on them, you can track game on them, and you can get out in the winter woods and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

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4 Snowshoeing Tips to Maximize Your Experience [PICS]