Pumpkin The Foster Kitten Wrestles With Resident Husky

Kittens often go to foster homes before they get placed in their forever homes or to the adoption area of their local shelter. Foster homes can have existing animals, and sometimes there is more than one foster animal, though they generally don't stay there very long. In this case, the foster kitten moves in with a husky. The pair develops a playful routine where Pumpkin the kitten wrestles with the husky, Sasha, in the cutest match you will ever see in a viral social media video.


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Kittens take playtime very seriously and usually get pretty intense with their growls and meowing; they also tend to pounce. Pumpkin, a rescue kitten, is no different. However, her playtime best friend is a Siberian Husky named Sasha, a permanent resident of the little kitten's foster home. Captured on video, this little kitten wrestles with the husky, clearly having the upper hand.

Sasha just sits there the first time the kitten paws at her. When this funny cat ups the ante, Sasha mouths her to redirect away from her tail. Pumpkin is not going to give up, though. The little kitten moves onto Sasha's face. If you watch the kitten's body language in the full video, you can tell that she is planning her next attack. Just when you think she might be going in to give the husky dog cuddles, she takes a two-paw attack to Sasha's face. The sweet husky takes it all in stride as the kitten continues to play fight.

Can Huskies Live With Cats?

Huskies have a high prey drive, which generally raises concerns about having a kitten who lives with the breed. However, if you introduce an adult cat or kitten to the husky at a young age, they have a better chance of developing a healthy relationship with one another. Of course, introductions should always be supervised, and interactions should be monitored.

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