Kayaker Has Breathtaking Encounters with Orcas, Dolphins and Whales

This kayaker has filmed a series of amazing up close and personal encounters with a variety of big and potentially dangerous marine mammals. 

Nathan Pettigrew describes himself as a "Marine Life Kayaker." That seems appropriate because Pettigrew gets about as close as you possibly can (within touching distance) to some pretty impressive marine mammals.

In this video, he splices together several amazing encounters he's had with some true underwater behemoths. Watch as giant orcas swim alongside and under his craft, a gargantuan southern right whale blows right next to his kayak and bottlenose dolphins leap from the water as they swim with him.

I'd think it would be tough not to get goosebumps if I was in that kayak.

Apparently these encounters all took place in the waters off Mount Maunganui in northern New Zealand. Pettigrew indicates that kayaking with such sea creatures holds certain responsibilities. And, in New Zealand there are laws that govern interacting with marine mammals.

He says he has a marine mammal permit that allows him to get this close. For more information on how New Zealand regulates and protects their marine life, go to www.doc.govt.nz.

One should probably be an experienced kayaker to approach such large and potentially dangerous animals. Even if they don't mean harm, their immense size combined with an inadvertent contact could be dangerous.

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