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Huge Marlin Drags Kayak Angler 15 Miles Out to Sea in Grueling Six-Hour Battle

Kayak fishing does not get much better than this.

In Ernest Hemingway's classic American novel "The Old Man and the Sea," an old fisherman is dragged far offshore by a massive marlin. The speed and strength of this fish in the novel was no exaggeration either. These fish are built for strength and speed, which is why most anglers target them from large boats where they can be strapped into a fighting chair.

Some intrepid and brave anglers will try to target this deep sea species from much smaller craft. Angling guide Adam Fisk is fishing off the coast of Panama when he hooks into a massive black marlin weighing approximately 500 pounds.

Just like Hemingway's character from the novel, the massive fish starts dragging the kayak far out to sea. Fisk stays patient and expertly battles the huge fish. It ends up being a grueling six HOUR battle. The video is a little long, but it is worth watching to the end. This is one spectacular fishing tale!

It is safe to say this is the most impressive kayak fishing catch we have ever seen here at Wide Open Spaces. What a battle, and what an adventure! Our hat is off to Fisk for battling that fish for as long as he did. That takes an incredible amount of determination and stamina to fight a monster that large for that long.

What a testament to the strength of the black marlin too. After six hours, that fish was still peeling line off a rod with a tightened up drag. Good thing he had a radio and friends in support boats from the nearby resort to assist. Because this battle could have gotten dangerous with how rough the seas became later in the day.

This whole encounter may have come off like a fisherman's tall tale did they not have this incredible video evidence to back up the claim. This is what fishing is all about. Making incredible memories with friends. This is one that is sure to last a lifetime!

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