Black Marlin Beach
YouTube: Brooksy

Saltwater Angler Sight-Fishes and Then Lands Black Marlin on a Beach

It is not every day someone lands a black marlin on a beach!

The black marlin is one of the most awesome game fish in the world. Sleek, fast, and hard fighting, this species is on the bucket lists of many anglers. This is normally a fish associated with deep sea fishing vessels, and heavy-duty fighting chairs that one must be strapped into to properly battle with such a strong ocean predator.

That is why the fishing on display in today's video is so jarring. These guys are fishing the shallows for marlin with a simple spinning rig. Upon hooking up with one, they head for the shallows where the guy ends up landing the fish on the beach.

This is one of those things that we never would have believed had the whole catch not been documented on video for the world to see.

This may not have been the largest black marlin catch in the world, but it was one of the coolest we have ever seen. Not many people can say they have stood on solid ground and released a marlin back to fight another day. This species does get upwards of 1,500 pounds, so you would not want to try fighting a much larger fish in this manner. They would be likely to drag you into the ocean.

We did not even know it was possible to sight fish for marlin. This was always a species we associated with offshore fishing expeditions that might go 20 or 30 miles from the shores.

One thing is for sure, large or small, the marlin maintains its reputation as one of the best fighters on the planet. The headshakes, runs, and jumps are truly something to behold from this species. We never expected to see one of those leaps in only a few feet of water though!

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