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Spear Fisherman Harvests 11-Foot World Record Class Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Spear Fishing
YouTube: deermeatfordinner

The world record blue marlin that wasn't...

When it comes to spearfishing, the blue marlin is not a species that immediately jumps to mind as a target for most anglers. These massive grow to lengths nearing 15 feet and some can weigh more than 1,300 pounds. They are also one of the fastest fish in the ocean, which makes trying to hit one with a speargun quite a challenge.

Still, some anglers have caught some true monsters using this method. Case in point is this 2006 catch by YouTuber deermeatfordinner. Robert speared this massive, 11-foot, 400+ pounder off the coast of Panama while hoping to catch a mahi-mahi.

It is a wild story made even wilder by the fact that the fish would have been a world record with a speargun at that time. He re-lives the tale in considerable detail, and explains why it was never officially entered into any of the record books.

What an amazing fishing story. One that is made even better with the video there to back up the tale. This guy is braver than us getting dropped in the middle of the ocean 25 miles off the coast practically into a bait ball. We cannot blame him for getting nervous when the marlin arrived. An 11-foot fish is enough to spook anyone when it is in the water with you. Especially when it has a long, sharp bill like that.

In the video's description, Robert explained that the fish was cleaned and distributed with the locals and that the fish was eaten completely within a couple days of the catch. Most people would not dream of doing that with a world record class catch. It adds a little bit of an extra feel-good moment to cap off the tale.

Those taxidermists also did an excellent job with the replica to bring that fish back to life. That is the type of fish you buy a replica for. Amazing story Robert, thanks for sharing it with the world!

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Spear Fisherman Harvests 11-Foot World Record Class Blue Marlin