Kayak Fisherman Gets Run Over on Video by Clueless Motorboat Operator

This inattentive boater could have killed this kayker.

Kayak fishing can be a ton of fun. Catching a big fish from a kayak brings an extra set of challenges, especially when saltwater fishing on the open ocean., It can also bring dangers from the elements and other boaters who may not see the smaller craft until it is too late.

This video is a kayak fisherman's worst nightmare. YouTuber Die Hard Fishing was out with some friends using their kayaks to troll for lingcod in California.

An otherwise normal day on the water quickly turns scary when the unsuspecting kayaker finds himself directly in the path of a small motorboat. The entire incident was caught on camera for the whole world to see.

Yikes, this situation could have ended up so much worse than it did. It was a good thing he started pedaling when he did or that boat could have easily killed him. This video serves as a good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings when operating a motorboat. Some craft are small and harder to see than others and a little common sense can help to avoid a potential tragedy.

Die Hard Fishing later gave an update on this story in another video. It turns out that the damages to the kayak were minor and he ended up fixing them himself. He also reported the incident to authorities but did not seek charges or damages in the incident. You can hear him talk more about it in the video below.

We have to say, this guy handled the situation better than we probably would. The offending boater originally did not even stop to check and see if the guy was okay after hitting him. In a car, that would land him in hot water for leaving the scene of an accident. We are glad the offending boater apologized, but the big takeaway here is to be a little more cautious the next time you are on the water. Because the next situation may not turn out as well as this one.

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