Distracted Boater
YouTube: Darien is Fishin

Boater Distracted By Cell Phone Idles Straight Into Another Boat Full of Fishermen

What would you do if someone idled into your boat like this?

Imagine it is a warm, sunny day on your favorite fishing lake. You and your buddies are out wetting a line in one of your favorite spots when you notice another boat idling along about 300 yards out. After a while you realize it is getting closer and closer. The next thing you know, the boat is ramming into your boat.

That is exactly what happens to YouTuber Darien is Fishin. At first Darien and his buddies think it is someone they know messing with them. It is not until the other boat is about five feet away that they realize the other boater is distracted by his cell phone and has made a serious mistake.

This video begs the question: "What would you do in this scenario?"

As far as boating accidents go, this situation was probably a "best case scenario" because the only damage done was to the two boats. Watercraft can be repaired, people sometimes cannot. We must agree with Darien here that this guy probably never meant for this to happen. That is the danger of staring at your graph or cell phone while on the water. At the same time, we cannot help but wonder if alcohol played a factor here. The distracted boater's speech seemed like it may have been a little slurred.

Of course, it is too late now to tell for certain. We must give some props to Darien and his friends for staying so calm and cool during this situation. This could have easily escalated into violence and a whole mess of other problems. Instead they were all adults about the whole situation and hopefully the insurance companies will deal with the damage.

This is obviously a scenario no one wants to be involved with. The fact that this was caught on camera is a good reminder of boating safety. If it can happen in the middle of a clear day in open waters, it could happen to anyone. Stay safe out there on your next boating adventure!

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