Kangaroos Engaged in Violent Mixed Martial Arts Battle

A couple of kangaroos appear to have a grudge match going as they duke it out in an Australian vineyard. This violent bout puts a cage match to shame.

An Australian vineyard owner was able to capture just a few seconds of a protracted and violent fight between two kangaroos that took place on his property.

Doogan O'Hanlon, who owns Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm in Mount Alford, Queensland, watched the two roos battle one another in his vineyard and, since the fight had been going on for around ten minutes, decided to get his camera and try to get close enough to film the two.

"I got 10 feet away and then crouched low to film it," O'Hanlon said.

As the fight moved and sprawled across the vineyard the kangaroos got a little too close for comfort to O'Hanlon. He decided to try to back away and when he did the two critters both stopped their grudge match and stared at him. O'Hanlon did back away, which was a wise move.

O'Hanlon told the Weekly Times that the battle last around a half hour.

When asked who ultimately won the fight, O'Hanlon said, ""The one who had a little more red on him. He was a bit older." A bloody fight indeed.

There are plenty of videos on the internet of male kangaroos fighting one another. It is said that their large feet and powerful hind legs can deliver blows that are strong enough to crush bones, disembowel and even kill opponents.

This video from National Geographic details some of the brutal tactics employed by rutting kangaroos. Scary stuff.

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