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Musk Ox vs. Rock: Who Will Be the Victor?

A musk ox seems to be practicing his head butting skills on an unlikely challenger: a boulder. No word on whether or not he requested an aspirin.

This musk ox appears to be going a little crazy. Whirling around and jumping into and out of a small pool of water, then charging a small though substantial boulder. He lowers his head to the rock and gives it a good headbutt, repeatedly.

It’s an unusual behavior, and it’s hard to figure out his motivation, but from his actions it appears that he’s not being malevolent. It doesn’t look like he’s got anything against the rock. Rather he seems to be expressing joy. The rock just happens to take the brunt of his exuberance.


The strange action was caught on camera by wildlife photographer Nicolas Le Bayon in Norway’s Dovrefjell Park during a recent visit.

Le Bayon believes the imminent rutting season was the trigger for the ox to let out his inner beast.

That could well be. Or maybe the young musk ox just got kissed by a girl musk ox? Maybe he’s in love? Or maybe he’s nursing a grudge against this particular rock.

The video indicates that musk ox can weigh up to 900 pounds, have strong heads and curved horns. Well, give him points for effort anyway.

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Musk Ox vs. Rock: Who Will Be the Victor?