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Did Justin Timberlake Put Elk on the Map at Super Bowl Halftime Show?

More than 103 million viewers tuned in to see JT's elk-emblazoned camouflage outfit. 

Headlining the halftime show at what is arguably the largest sporting event in the world comes with a lot of responsibility, as fans pay attention to everything. And, at Super Bowl LII, which played out in Minnesota between the Eagles and the Patriots, 103 million people intently watched Justin Timberlake's every move.

So it came as a surprise when out walks Timberlake in camouflage jacket and pants, with a colorful shirt depicting two larger-than-life elk. Now how cool is that?

It didn't take long for some of the biggest names in hunting to chime in, including patriarch Jim Shockey, who noticed another signature piece of clothing.

The fashion accessory wasn't lost on his daughter, Eva.


Cameron Hanes also weighed in, alluding to the fact that they're actually a pair of red deer.

Red deer or elk, we're certain his choice of ensemble had people talking. And, that's never a bad thing when wildlife or hunting is concerned.

Of course, with the release of an album titled "Man of the Woods" coinciding with his halftime performance, it's no wonder Timberlake chose clothes to mimic the theme.

In case you're wondering, the snazzy animal print is an organic, cotton, button-front shirt featuring landscape artwork by British artist Martin Ridley, known for his paintings that feature wildlife such as geese and deer. Paul McCartney's daughter, Stella, designed the camo pants and jacket.

Hunters loved his choice of clothes. Many in the mainstream, however, poked fun at them. As you can imagine, some great memes were born, with this one being our favorite:

Fans of Bob Ross should get a chuckle.

We dig your style, JT.

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