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Hannah Barron Gets Bullied on Instagram, Cameron Hanes Hammers Back

Hannah Barron/Instagram

“I’m tired of these people bullying hunters. You want respect, show respect.”

It seems that more and more hunters are facing vile threats and hateful comments these days. Internet bullying by anti-hunters is going off the rails, specifically targeting the female hunters in our community.

No hunter is immune, it would seem. Just last week, we brought you the story of Hannah Finley, a young hunter who was on the receiving end of hundreds of hateful messages and threats. She had simply posted images of a black bear she had legally harvested to her Instagram page (read the full story here).

The latest hunter to appear in the crosshairs is Hannah Barron, an avid young hunter from Alabama who’s best known in the outdoor community for her unbridled zest for catfish noodling.

Hannah shared the following post on her Instagram account Jan. 10:

The funny thing is this wasn’t a deer, a bear or even a moose (not that it really matters to the anti-hunters). It was an injured steer that needed to be put down. Deciding not to humanely kill it would’ve amounted to animal cruelty.

Enter an animal-rights activist from Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s the post @ayveegan made:

Cameron Hanes

Take a minute to digest what Andrea Valerie wrote. She said Hannah, as well as all other hunters and meat eaters, are “psychopaths, murderers, and Neanderthals.” She then proceeded to flood Hannah’s comment section with ridiculous and vile comments and reported her page and content to Instagram.

Hannah’s followers definitely stepped up with their rebuttals, but as you can see in the highlighted comment above, Cameron Hanes stepped in and dropped the hammer.

When @ayveegan continued with her harassment, Hanes put out the following post to his 425k followers:

Cameron Hanes

The hunting community is strong, and one thing that is undeniable, is that we all stick up for each other. Thousands of people reported @ayveegan’s post for harassment and bullying, and this is the result:

Cameron Hanes

A small victory, yes. But it shows that as hunters, we won’t be threatened or bullied by those anti-hunters who feel the need to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do.

Hanes posted the following thank you and explanation to his page:

Cameron Hanes

Happy to see we won this battle.

We’d like to give a big thanks to Cameron Hanes for doing what he does. He’s the real deal, folks, and he ALWAYS has a fellow hunter’s back.

Be sure to give him (@cameronrhanes) and Hannah (@hannahbarron96) a follow the next time you’re on Instagram. They deserve our support!

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Hannah Barron Gets Bullied on Instagram, Cameron Hanes Hammers Back