Just What We've Always Wanted: A Classic Lego Mustang

LEGO is partnering with Ford to create a vintage Mustang you can build yourself.

On March 1st, the $14.99 183-piece 1968 Ford Mustang will be available for purchase.

It features gold wheels, gold stripes, and green paint, as well as a removable windshield where a vintage racing suit-clad driver can be positioned. Included in the kit are race stickers and a timing board.

This follows the recent release of the redesigned 2018 Mustang, which now features an Ecoboost four-cylinder backed by ten-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual.

The LEGO 'Stang is part of the Speed Champions collection, which includes Ferrari, McLaren, and Buggati supercar kits.

Ford and LEGO® are celebrating Ford's heritage by adding a 1968 Mustang fastback race car to the LEGO Speed Champions lineup.

"The new Ford Mustang LEGO Speed Champions set gives parents and children the chance to share their passions - generations of fans have grown up building LEGO sets and spending time together behind the wheel," explained Myra Lind, marketing manager for LEGO Speed Champions, in a statement. "This partnership of iconic brands allows kids of all ages to enjoy the latest products from two great companies."

Who wants one?

This post was originally published on February 28, 2018, but we're bringing it back because, how cool is that?


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