Rare 2009 Iacocca Mustang Going Up for Auction

In April, Barrett-Jackson is giving someone a chance to own one of only 45 Iacocca edition Mustangs. It's one of the rarest limited edition pony cars ever made, and could go for high dollar.

In 2009, Galpin Auto Sports teamed up with Lee Iacocca to design a Mustang worthy of the Iacocca 45th Anniversary Silver Edition name.

If you're wondering why Iacocca, Chrysler's CEO and highly visible pitchman in the 80s, you need to study up on your Mustang history. Here's a very quick primer.

Way back in 1946 Lee Iacocca joined Ford Motor Co. as an engineer, but by 1960 had risen to the rank of vice president and general manager. During his 32 years at Ford he was instrumental in designing several iconic Fords, including the Pinto, the Escort, and, you got it, the Mustang.

Hence, the Iacocca edition of the 2009 Mustang. To be more detailed, the supercharged, 400 horsepower, 4.6 liter 2009 Mustang. But the first thing people will notice is the unique exterior styling.

Sunken headlights set off the grille. A fastback-style B-pillar with a vent in place of a window flows seamlessly into the rear facade which features a flat, bumperless rear fascia. The lowered stance hints at the Ford Racing Handling Package underneath.

Inside you'll find Iacocca Diamond Design leather and a dash plaque with the car's serial number. The car going up for auction in late April is No. 20 of 45.

If you're interested, keep in mind the car sold new for $89,000 and No. 5 Iacocca Mustang sold for $352,000 in 2009, so bring your big boy purse.


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