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Guy Gets Mistaken for Bigfoot While Engaging in Spiritual Ritual

A Minnesota man was hobnobbing in the North Carolina woods wearing a raccoon pelt suit when he was spotted by a group of Bigfoot hunters.

On that day, Gawain MacGregor, a plumber from Minneapolis and self-described practitioner of Enkiduism, donned a homemade suit of raccoon pelts that he'd made for himself and took a stroll through the woods near Asheville, NC.

It was then that John Bruner of Bigfoot 911 spotted the man and his unique accoutrements, prompting him to post to his group's Facebook page that they spotted the beast saying that they saw "details of the creature" that was "matted and hairy" along with "eyes that were further apart than human eyes."

On the night in question, MacGregor realized he wasn't alone, saying:

"This particular night, I heard some sounds and I saw some lights. We were both startled and rather than to say anything, I just turned around and swiftly went back to my tent and went to sleep. They didn't communicate anything with me and then I saw on the news that they reported seeing a Sasquatch, so I called the cops and gave them the deal."

MacGregor himself has said that he has had Sasquatch encounters in three different states, but he doesn't think that the beast is an animal. Instead, he believes it might be a supernatural being.

"I've never communicated with him, I've only looked him in the eye. I don't think that Sasquatch is an animal. You have all these sightings and no one has been able to find a body. So, you either have these encounters that aren't real or there's a supernatural explanation."


MacGregor's suit was a part of a shamanistic ritual meant to be his own personal experience. (For the record, it is, in fact, meant to look like Sasquatch). Police in the area are reminding folks not to start shooting at any Sasquatch in the future, as it might be someone playing games or just having fun.

Photos via Facebook/Spectrum News NC