Incendiary Shotgun Shells

Jerry Miculek Gives a Speed Shooting Demonstration with Incendiary Shotgun Shells

Jerry Miculek can shoot incendiary ammo as fast as the regular stuff.

It is no secret that we are huge fans of professional shooter Jerry Miculek here at Wide Open Spaces. The man's passion for shooting is contagious and his feats with firearms must be seen to be believed. We are probably also just a little jealous of all the cool firearms and types of ammo he gets to test on a regular basis.

In his latest video, Jerry has been gifted with some rather special shotgun shells. They are 12-gauge slug incendiary rounds. Obviously, this is not ammo you see every day, but thanks to Jerry's close ties in the firearms industry, he gets to play with all sorts of interesting stuff.

In true Jerry fashion, he does not just fire these two incendiary slugs, he does it as fast as possible.

"Maybe squirrel season might be exciting after all!"

You gotta love Jerry's one-liners like that. Although if you used these shells, the squirrel meat might be completely burned before it ever hit the cook pot! These rounds looked as impressive as they sounded when he was describing them. You definitely do not want to use these in an area with any fire hazards. You also are not going to want to try them at your local gun range. Unless of course you are looking for the fastest way to get kicked out. It is not a problem for Jerry with his private range of course.

Most people would have likely tried to plan a big explosion or a special target of some kind to demonstrate just how hot these incendiary shotgun shells really are. Not Jerry. He likes to keep things simple and to the point. He just needs a steel target and his incredibly fast trigger finger. We still do not know how he does it. Impressive stuff Jerry.

Dare we say the results here are even beautiful? This was like watching a fireworks display, only it was made with a gun!

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