In a Play To Be Alone With His Owner, Jealous Cat "Shushes'"Her

This adorable tabby is exhibiting all the signs of a jealous cat in this funny video. 

Having multiple cats can sometimes be a challenge. Their litter box can get stinky, and you may feel like you are constantly filling up their food, but as a multiple cat owner, did you ever think you would have to deal with cat jealousy?

Jealous Behavior


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In this hilarious Instagram video posted by @dontstopmeowing, Chase the cat is getting some quality cuddles with his owner. She calls for the other cat telling her to come to eat. Chase doesn't want his solo playtime to end, so he places his paw over her mouth.

His owner removes the paw and calls for the other cat to come again. Chase once again places his paw on her mouth with a meow. The one cat clearly does not want his furry family member to come over. He even makes eye contact with his human being in his attempt to stop his feline friend from being called over, clearly acting like a jealous

Chase places his paw over his owner's mouth one more time, and she removes it, saying, "Seriously, stop!"

Chase clearly has special cat needs, like the desire to have extra attention and be the only one his owner is petting.

Chase Fan Reactions


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Chase and his feline siblings have quite the following on Instagram. One user, missnicolelucero, comments, "????This cat is beyond genius!! Love Chase! I think I am addicted to your videos daily lol!!???????????"

User jennifergharmal comments, "He is sooo human..... it seems he understands what you say and reacts accordingly... I love chase ??"

With almost 900,000 followers, I would say a lot of people love Chase, too, even if he is acting like a jealous cat!

Is cat jealousy a problem?

It is within normal cat behavior for one cat to become jealous of a new pet or an existing cat. Cats can especially experience jealousy when a new cat or a new kitten is brought into the home. Sometimes an older cat can feel threatened by the new addition and develop behavior problems, like peeing outside the litter box and other destructive behavior like clawing up your favorite chair. Jealous cats can even direct aggressive behavior at the new cat. The older cat may begin swatting at the new addition if it gets too close.

Cat's are very affectionate and purr and snuggle. However, if they feel like their one on one time is not done, jealousy can set in. Cats can even become jealous when a new baby arrives in the home. Jealous cats can range from adorable to destructive.  If the reaction is too severe, you may have to consult a behaviorist to help you find some viable solutions.

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