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Is Zombait the Future of Bait?

Is this invention the problem-solver of dead baitfish?

Called the Zombait, it just may become the next big-selling bait enhancer.

Is this the future of bait?

How a 31-year-old quit his job to make 'zombie' fish

This guy quit his job and is bringing dead fish back to life. (via Adventure Capitalists)

Posted by CNBC Make It on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

CNBC posted a very interesting invention on Facebook that has caught our eye. When this bait enhancer is placed in a dead baitfish, it makes the fish come alive like a zombie. Its battery-powered movements make the dead fish wiggle and move like a real live fish.

Will the Zombait be the next big hit in the fishing world? We'll certainly find out when it hits the retail market.

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Is Zombait the Future of Bait?