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Is This the Best Moose Hunting Invention Ever?

Moose Tube

How do you retrieve a downed 1,000-pound moose?

Well, with the Moose Tube, you can drive out the entire moose intact. This might be the best invention ever conceived for moose hunters.

Here’s the video:

Yle Rovaniemi’s Facebook page has shared a video of an invention that just might revolutionize the way that moose are hunted and retrieved.

Called the Moose Tube, this invention allows an all-terrain vehicle to pull a moose through the wilds back to civilization. That means the hunter doesn’t have to pack up moose parts in separate trips. Predators will not be able to get to your kill, since the whole moose carcass rides behind your ATV.

The Moose Tube promises to make hunting and retrieving moose quite a breeze. It certainly beats a packboard any day.


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Is This the Best Moose Hunting Invention Ever?