Is It Okay to Look Down at Your Holster When Re-Holstering a Pistol?

This ex-marine and firearms instructor talks about if it is okay to look down at your holster when re-holstering a pistol in a well-thought out instructional session.

Funker Tactical goes over this much-debated topic and lays out a logical argument that everyone who carries should consider.

This is one training tip that makes total sense. When I was doing tactical firearms training with my pistol, our instructors always harped that no one should be in a rush to holster their gun and get out of the fight; the only thing it accomplishes is a "look cool factor."

The only time that gun should be going back is if there is absolutely no threat left and the area is now completely secure. At that point, why fumble around? Why not look down for that split-second and holster that gun and ensure it is secure? For tactical applications, what is taught here is a good drill.

Training for speed in a effective draw, with accurate shooting, makes total sense once the fundamentals are grasped, training for speed to re-holster without looking is really training and range time that could be better used on other drills.