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4 New Shooting Drills to Rigorously Test Your Shot

Change it up with some new shooting drills at the range.

Are you getting tired of the same shooting drills that you've been doing for years now? Next time you head to the range, try the alternatives below -- and be sure to grab the right supplies for each drill before you go so you're prepared.

1. The Tactical Professor

This is a great drill to find your baseline of accuracy and gauge your improvement over time. It is good practice to have drills that allow you to have measurable outcomes and a tool to see your progression. Trainers recommend this drill for those who are attempting to find the gun that allows for the best accuracy. This drill uses 50 rounds for the five different sequences of 10 shots each.

Man shooting at a target on an outdoor shooting range, focus on


  • Start with five loaded rounds.
  • Set target at 3 yards.


  1. Place spare rounds within reach.
  2. Fire one shot at target's center, follow through for one second and then return to low ready position.
  3. Raise pistol and fire two shots, one second follow through and return to low ready.
  4. You will want to repeat the previous action, but will fire three shots this time and reload for the third shot.
  5. Bring the pistol up and shoot the center four times, one second follow through and place your firearm on the bench.
  6. Bring in target, record your marks made in body scoring area. The outer scoring area and the head do not count in this drill.
  7. Write your score as (3) X/10, where the number in parenthesis is the yards, X the number within range and 10 is the number of shots fired.

Repeat the drill again at 5, 7, 10 and 15 yards.

2. Dot Torture Drill

Originally developed for the competitive shooting community, it can be used as great practice for recreational shooters and hunters alike while using a handgun. The drill requires 50 rounds and are shot at 10 feet at 10 two inch circles (dots). Each dot has a different set of directions, so it is useful to keep a copy of the target on the bench in front of you until you have completed the drill a few times.


  • Dot 1: Draw and fire five rounds in a string attempting to create a single hole.
  • Dot 2: Draw and fire one round, holster your firearm and repeat again for a total of five rounds.
  • Dots 3 and 4: Draw and fire one round on Dot 3 and then one round on Dot 4. Holster your firearm and repeat three more times for a total of eight rounds.
  • Dot 5: Draw and fire, with your dominant hand only, a string of five rounds.
  • Dots 6 and 7: Draw and fire two rounds on Dot 6 and then two rounds on Dot 7. Holster your firearm and repeat three more times for a total of 16 rounds.
  • Dot 8: Fire a string of five shots from low ready with your non-dominant hand.
  • Dots 9 and 10: Draw and fire one round on Dot 9, speed reload and fire one round on Dot 10. Holster your firearm and repeat two more times for a total of six rounds.

3. Wizard Drill

This drill was designed to asses the skill of carrying a concealed handgun. The drill only requires five rounds, a shot timer and a silhouette target. Each draw begins with the gun in a concealed holster. There is a maximum time limit on each string of fire of 2.5 seconds. Any shots fired outside the 2.5 second time frame count as a fail for the drill.


  1. With your dominant hand, fire a head shot at 3 yards.
  2. With both hands, fire a head shot at 5 yards.
  3. With both hands, fire a head shot at 7 yards.
  4. With both hands, fire 2 body shots at 10 yards.

4. The Clover Leaf

This is a simple drill that an be done on unused space on your targets and only uses three rounds. It can be done with most types of firearms and is a great warm up after arriving to the range.


  1. Fire a round with both hands to mark a target for your next two rounds.
  2. Fire a round at your placed target using only your dominant hand.
  3. Fire your last round with your non-dominant hand at your placed target.


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4 New Shooting Drills to Rigorously Test Your Shot