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Should You Carry a Pistol-Mounted Tactical Light?

Here are some considerations on why you should carry a pistol mounted tactical light.

There are absolutely advantages to having a mounted tactical light. Police tactical teams and many special operations units that fulfill a counterterrorism role certainly use these types of mounts.

Practically Tactical discusses the merits of carrying a pistol mounted tactical light.

If you make the decision to mount a light you have to train thoroughly with it on your pistol. Not only will it change the weight, you will have to practice engaging the light on as you perform a draw.

It becomes a drill just like a magazine change or an immediate action for a gun stoppage.

You will also have to carefully consider your holster and placement on your body, as the tac light will increase the bulk of your pistol.

All these considerations may make it impractical for every-day-carry duties, especially concealed carry, but if your life, and buddies, will be better protected with this addition to your gun you should do it and train with it constantly.

A tactical light can be a great enhancement and even if you don’t mount one always have a small flashlight on hand; it can come in useful in any low-light situation.


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Should You Carry a Pistol-Mounted Tactical Light?