Insanely Close Turkey Kill at 3 Yards... with a Bow and No Blind!

Imagine smoking a turkey from 3 yards with a bow sitting against a tree with no blind. Sounds impossible, right?

Ask any turkey hunter. This is one animal with incredible eye sight and sneaking movement past them is a chore in itself. Now getting a bow drawn back when you are within 5 yards of them, on the ground, and not in a blind? Sounds virtually impossible.

Sometimes the slightest tilt of a head can send a tom running and moving your fingers can send turkeys into a putting frenzy only to scatter away. Tyler of Ultimate Outdoors pulls off this very difficult stunt to put a big Illinois tom on the ground.

As close as 3 yards, this tom struts into range before meeting the tip of an arrow to put an end to his lady chasing days.

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Just like with humans, chasing the ladies can often get you into some trouble. This tom found out the hard way.

If you have ever hunted turkeys, you know just how hard it would be to try and get drawn back and a pin settled in on an alert bird from 3 yards. With the Go Pro rolling, we are able to watch it all unfold on film.

With the fishbowl effect of the GoPro lenses, this video doesn't quite do justice to the closeness of the encounter.

For crying out loud, is it turkey season yet?

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