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Check Out This Bow Hunt for the Illinois Record Turkey

Turkey hunting is a challenging rush but use a bow and it really gets interesting. Especially on a bird of this size.

Turkey hunting is on all of our minds. Spring weather is right around the corner and our imaginations are starting to hear those thunderous gobbles rolling through the woods.

Turkey hunting is a change of pace from deer season and can be very challenging. Like any form of hunting, put a bow in your hand and things really get tough. Team Radical has been pumping out some of the best online hunting footage for some time now and this turkey hunt doesn't disappoint.

Watch as the Illinois state record atypical turkey with a bow hits the dirt.

What an amazing hunt with incredible footage and an even better trophy. A bird of a lifetime and a hunt Jake will never forget. Record turkey and all.

Be sure to follow along with Team Radical this upcoming spring as they go after sheds, and more turkeys.

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