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Innovative Camo Pattern Running Kickstarter Campaign

See3D is already almost halfway to its campaign goal on Kickstarter!

When it comes to camouflage print, there's certainly no shortage of pattern options. Everyone has their favorite brand or print tailored for their style of hunting. But at the end of the day, they're largely just multi layered blends of green and brown tones. One could argue that many of these prints are more appealing to the human eye than they are effective in the field.

That all said, it's difficult for someone to offer a truly innovative new option when it comes to camouflage options for our hunting gear. Difficult, but not impossible. Just ask the guys at See3D.

We first introduced you to See3D in December. They're now running a Kickstarter campaign to go into full production with their innovative 3D camo pattern.

The new print is designed to solve the problem of being visible to hunters while remaining invisible to deer. How See3D solves this problem is by overlaying a 3D camouflage leaf pattern on top of a blaze orange base. The blaze orange is quickly recognizable by other hunters. See3D argues that in spite of the orange, the break up in the pattern with 3D camo leaf printing makes the hunter indistinguishable by deer.

Check out the compelling video below:

At the time of this writing, the campaign has close to three weeks left and is $2,700 short of the campaign goal.

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