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All New See3D Camo is Going to Change the Hunting Industry


Every now and then, something comes along that changes the game. See3D just might be that. 

Working in the outdoors industry, I see a lot of products. There are fads designed for a one time sell, then some you just know will stick around a while. Other products, like what is coming out from See3D, just might do more to the industry than some expect. As a matter of fact, this revolutionary new camo design just might change the way camo is made.

If you have been following along here at Wide Open Spaces for a little while, you may have seen the article we put out about camo not really being that effective for deer hunting after all. The reason behind this concept is fairly is simple: deer don't see color. So, knowing that, what's the point in investing hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in camo patterns that don't really matter to a deer anyways? The point of all this is that really, it comes down to safety. This is where See3D takes it to another level.

Just check out this video blow and see for yourself how cool this concept is.

We hear stories every year of hunters accidentally being killed while hunting from misidentification. Perhaps in the hunting industry's desire to make the most invisible camo, the idea of hunter safety has taken a backseat. See3D looks to correct that and still make a near invisible camo--to deer.

Right now, you can head over to See3D's website and get in on the waiting list for launch. Prototypes are being made and patent protection is already in place. For any other questions regarding this new camo line, just click here.

This is going to be big.

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All New See3D Camo is Going to Change the Hunting Industry